Are hookup websites safe: best sex experts’ opinion

Hookuping online is always exciting and flattering. But is it also protective? It depends on many factors, specialists say. Both technical and individual safety should be followed.

High rated apps for sex

The platforms checked with time and approved by other users, are always safer. If they are reportedly scam-free and the meeting rate is high, one should chose them among the others.

Trustworthy profiles

We all want to find genuine singles online, but some extra efforts are needed for detecting them. There should be a believable, naturally looking photos, self-description, etc.

Good customer support

It’s vital that a casual sex site has a strong customer support. If it remains active 24/7, it means suspicious users can be easily reported and new members’ profiles are verified.

Common sense safety

It matters a lot if a person is willing to take care of safety by their own forces. It includes being careful with the private info, being observant, not sending the money to strangers.

Real protection measures

The meeting in real is a key goal of each online communication. Take with you all protection means you are aware of, and have a friend accompanying you if there are any preoccupations.

Some singles aren’t attentive enough to the opportunities of this or that particular site. It affects negatively their search results. Study the features in advance and use them all.

Focusing on one app

Most of people think it’s more effective to use several casual sex sites, in order to reach more options. But it’s an overload for your device and your personal time. Focus on one platform only.

It will help you work more intensively under the existing member base and search tools. When you do so, you’ll succeed more than others and get laid more frequently.


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