Brides from Ukraine vs UK women

Brides from Ukraine vs UK women: general issues

Why do Ukrainian girls are so popular among foreign men? Why do men invest money, effort and time in a relationship like this? What do Western ladies lack? You know, a lot of Slavic girls work in the UK as nannies and cleaners. Getting to know them is much easier. Any girl would be happy to legally settle in the country. Though, for some reason men are not attracted with the help staff.

A common feature of all Ukrainian women (or at least the vast majority of them) is that they know exactly what they want out of life. They are realistic. They are meticulously selecting from several candidates and are ready to make up for a man’s expectations, since they know it will be paid off. In regards to “domestic” men, it is not paying off. Slavic women report to be guided by traditional family values. Many of them are sincere.

Brides from Ukraine vs UK women: what do men lack?
The main part of the problem is that British men feel unprepared to meet the expectations of modern western ladies. Men are patriarchal. But this is not a one-sided patriarchal structure. They send photos of their houses and write: look, this is what I did with my own hands! Here’s my garden, I look after it! Here’s my yacht, it is small, but I know how to sail! Here’s a tree house, I made for my children! Modern UK woman takes it for granted, as a matter of course. Ukrainian girl really appreciates it.

Slavic women have a good genetic material. They mind P’s and Q’s them and keep fit. Ukrainian girls are beautiful by nature. Fighting for male attention, she feels free to spend money on a beauty salon.

Ladies from Ukraine are generally well educated and all-round. Many finished music or art school. In the countries of CIS, secondary education is compulsory. Many have several degrees. In Western countries, a man with a high school education hardly expects a woman with two degrees. To communicate with British men, Ukrainian girls increasingly learn foreign languages.
These women are taught to be good wives since childhood. In developed countries, women are not in a hurry to get married. First, education and career, and then family and children. Slavic women are not feminists and want a family. They are loving and hardworking. They work, do the house and raise children. Proposing to such girl, a man gets wife, mistress, housekeeper, cook and nanny for the future children.

Success totally depends on you. Want to get married? Be serious in your approach. Correspondence involves work that requires a lot of time, emotion and self-taught. Look for a girl to fit your horizon.
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