Can average looking people hookup like the hottest ones

The modern culture teaches us to consume and look hot like models. It creates many insecurities while trying to establish even casual relationships, and we experience that daily.

However, is it really that important to look great for successful hookuping? Of course, for the girls, an answer would be different than for guys. They used to impress men visually.

By statistics, beautiful girls are chosen on hookup apps more frequently, they grow popular on such platforms and join the top list of leaders. Too many users add them to favourites.

But realistically thinking men would choose the average looking yet pretty girl if she is easily accessible and doesn’t require big investments. It’s a plus if she responds quickly to a man’s invitation.

Indeed, it’s more logical than spending a fortune on the model-looking chick or feeding her pride endlessly just for quick getting laid. There’s even no guarantee that it will happen.

As for men, statistically, girls have other expectations and requirements than a handsome face. Muscles matter much more, once they seek classical hookups and not a sponsorship.


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