Flirting with a girl online: best hookup tips on using dating apps

flirting with a girl on a hookup site

Just like flirting in real life, flirting on hookup sites is fun. However, if you have zero experience at flirting online, you may find it a bit challenging to go with the flow and eventually arrange the best hookup date for yourself. Well, the good news is, online flirting is not dramatically different from charming a girl in real life.

Yes, you can use your body language and eye contact when flirting with her face to face, but it’s no secret that real chemistry is created through a witty, interesting conversation. So whether you speak face to face or through a messaging system, it’s basically the same. A little fun flirtation can be a beginning of something adventurous and exciting, so don’t underestimate the power of flirting online when looking for hookups on popular sites.

But let us talk about things to pay attention to in more detail.

Stay true to who you are

One of the hardest tasks when flirting online is to find a person you would actually want to flirt with. Major dating and hookup sites have a huge database of users, and finding a person you’d like to hookup with is a daunting task. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to use a search tool in order to eliminate all the pages you’re not interested in.

A good dating platform will offer you a complex search tool that allows to filer out profiles based upon multiple criteria, including age, location, gender, sexual preferences, marital status, and even education and profession. If you are offered only a basic tool as a free user, perhaps you’d like to go for a premium membership in order to unlock more filters. It will save you a lot of time. After you run a search, start looking through the profiles and bookmark the ones you particularly like.

We would recommend focusing on profiles that offer you a good material for starting a conversation. There should be certain details that would point out that you actually read the profile and would like to discuss it. If it’s something funny, so much the better! Sending a humorous message to a girl is a great beginning of the best hookup adventure.

Once you’ve established a contact, just be yourself. No need to pretend being someone else in order to impress a girl online. Stay true to who you are – this way you’ll have a satisfaction of knowing that girls actually fall for you, not for an imaginary guy you are trying to portray. Besides, it’s all about having fun, right?

So how are you supposed to have fun in someone else’s skin? It’s only natural if you want to charm a girl you talk to though. Don’t hesitate to reveal all the great aspects of your personality. Also, make sure to discover such aspects in them, too. Ask questions and make assumptions sprinkled with humour. Tease her a bit by suggesting answers to your own questions. There is so much you can do while staying true to who you are!flirting in real life

Don’t shy away from small gestures

Small gestures can be extremely helpful when flirting with a girl online. Let’s point out some of them:

  • Use smilies. Just ike you enjoy a genuine smile in real life, a smilie in the online world can initiate a contact and bring a lot of excitement to a conversation. A simple smiling emoticon is a great way of letting someone know you actually like them.
  • Address a girl by her name. No matter how hard you’re trying to flirt, it would be impossible to get the right effect without addressing a girl by her name. It’s an excellent ice-breaker, and it brings a personal touch to a conversation on a hookup site. By addressing her by her name, you’ll be able to eliminate an invisible barrier of the smartphone display or computer screen. It also adds a special charm to the whole online flirting thing.
  • Don’t keep the conversation endless. Be the one who ends a chat – it will leave a girl intrigued and interested. She’ll be curious when you’re going to talk to her again. This way you won’t appear to oobtrusive, and at the same time she’ll want to get to know you.

Don’t be hasty

If you’re planning the best hookup date with someone you’ve met online, don’t be hasty. You shouldn’t start flirting hard with a girl right away. Test the waters first and start rather light-heartedly, and if she responses in a positive way, feel free to increase the intensity of flirtation. If you stat sending overly flirty messages to a complete stranger, a girl would feel like you’re doing it with just about anybody, she won’t feel either special or wanted this way.

Besides, women do like decisive and confident men, but if you start bombarding her with flirty messages, she may find it too overbearing. Of course, you’re not there to find the love of your life and engage in extensive correspondence, but take at least some time to get to know a person, even it’s just a couple of days. Keep your messages friendly, positive and humorous, slowly increasing the input of flirtation. If she plays along, great! It’s exactly what you’re trying to achieve!

Don’t try too hard

When you have the best hookup in mind, it’s all about successful strategies. Flirting online is not only about things you say, but also about how often you say them. There is no need to reply to everything immediately. Make her wait for a little while – there is something extremely flirty in this approach. Show her that you’re not so easy to get.

Also, you should avoid appearing desperate. If you keep sending her message after message, she may get an impression that you’re trying too hard. As a result, most probably she’ll lose interest. No one likes to be courted by a creepy guy online. Art the same time, you shouldn’t wait too long otherwise she may interpret your silence as lack of interest.

It’s important to walk a middle path here, like in everything in life. You should appear neither too desperate nor too disinterested. Make her miss your conversations, so when you come back online, she’ll be even happier to chat with hookup

Pay her some compliments

It’s no secret that women love with their ears, and this rule also works when you try to arrange the best hookup for yourself. A girl should feel special when associating with you. Let her know why exactly you’ve chosen her to hookup with.

When it’s all about dating and establishing a long term relationship, they usually advise to compliment a woman’s character traits or personal achievements rather than appearance. But if it’s all about a great hookup, and both of you know it, there is nothing wrong in going physical.

Feel free to comment on her pictures or videos and complimenting her slim figure, seductive curves, beautiful hair and eyes. It goes without saying that she gets similar compliments form many other men on a hookup site, so do try to be a little bit more imaginative than an average Joe. And by all means avoid sounding too vulgar or crude.

Easy compliments and clichés are also a big no no when flirting with a girl on a hookup site. It’s just too cheap and unimaginative. Why should you go for readymade compliments that suit just about anybody when it’s so easy to come up with something personalized? Just give it a thought, and you’ll be amazed at how elegant your flirting messages may sound.

If you send her something like “Hey, you’re hottie”, it’s not going to impress her. It’s so common that by all probability she’ll hardly notice such a message. No one expects you to come up with brilliant poetic lines, but there is no doubt that you’re better than that.

Inject a little bit of teasing

Very often when a guy tries to be pleasant and nice on a dating site, he’s perceived as nothing more than a good friend, someone to talk about all sorts of things to. While making new friends is an excellent thing, this is not something you expect from a hookup site. You’re there to arrange the best hookup one can think of, and making friend is the last thing in your list of priorities at the moment. That’s why flirting is so important.

Teasing a person is a fun form of flirtation, so don’t hesitate to try it out. Try some playful teasing, and you’ll be surprised at how willingly she’ll tease you back. You’ll also get to enjoy some rally hot and witty conversations, and she’ll agree to meet you face to face in no time.

Try out some good old sarcasm

Sarcasm is also a perfect tool when flirting with a girl online. That said, you should try this method out only if you’re very skilful at making sarcastic comments that are not offensive. Use it when teasing her light-heartedly and never cross the line. A message with an overly sarcastic tone can be easily taken wrong, and all your efforts to re-establish a good relationship will be in vain.

If you need some tips on how to use sarcasm when flirting with a girl on a dating or hookup site, try to exaggerate your statement (“you’re being soooo understanding”) or use a winking smilie in order to soften your statement and point out it’s just a joke.

Add some witty jokes and humour, and you’ll definitely make her laugh.And if a girl smiles when reading your messages, you’re halfway to success. And of course, when she is sarcastic with you, don’t take it seriously and simply play along. The more jokes the two of you manage to inject, the better.

Remain confident when flirting

As mentioned above, women really favour confident and decisive men. And this is exactly the image you should go for when hookng up with someone online. If you feel you’re not confident and assertive enough, try to cultivate these qualities within yourself – there is no other way. No one wants to hookup with a meek, timid and submissive guy who doesn’t know exactly what he wants and can’t pursue his goals. So confidence is the key when it comes to flirting. A woman should feel that you’re a strong personality and fun to be with.

Even though it’s just for arranging the best hookup, things are not dramatically different from a real relationship in this aspect. Women like to give a man a leading role in a relationship and see how he manages it. This is kind of a test on whether he can be trusted as a partner or not. A man who can solve problems and laugh in the face of difficulties is generally considered to be an alpha, and women are only glad to hookup with such a man.

They also expect a lot in bed from a confident guy. If you lack confidence when talking to a girl, take the online mode of your communication as an advantage. You’ll have enough time to build up some confidence before meeting the girl you like face to face. Have fun being daring and bold, why not? It will add a healthy dose of flirtation to your messages, and the girl will be more than happy to actually meet you face to hookup adventure

Don’t keep it for too long

Messaging each other online is fun, but correspondence is not your ultimate goal on a hookup site. She’s looking for the best hookup online, and so are you. The more you talk, the more chances there are that you’ll end up in a relationship. The moment you realize you’re mutually attracted to each other, ask her out. Setting up the best hookup date is lots of fun. Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

  • Prepare your apartment well in advance. Tidy it up and keep some candles and a bottle of wine handy.
  • Invite her to a place close by – a nice cafe, restaurant, bar, or nightclub will do.
  • Make sure your outfit is sexy and elegant.
  • Have a great time and read her body language.
  • Observe her reaction when you touch her.
  • Go for the first kiss when the moment is right.
  • Invite her over to our place and get laid.

And of course, it goes without saying that you are free to improvise depending on circumstances.

Have fun

Arranging the best hookup in your life is not only hard work. It’s also a lot of fun. If it doesn’t feel like fun, perhaps you’re doing something wrong or not ready for hooking up yet. Perhaps you should give yourself some time and see where it can take you. In any case, don’t get too fixated on finding a match and getting a girl under your sheets. Enjoy the ride, it’s really worth it. All the best!



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