Making a relationship with Kharkiv Ukraine women in 2017

Just a few years ago I wasn’t even thinking about making a relationship with someone especially when it comes to the big distance. But then a very good friend of mine spontaneously found a girl he liked that was abroad. They were sharing letters, having video calls using Skype and later on decided to marry. At the same time, I wasn’t a big fan of such way of communication and wanted to have real relationships. But being single at my age is not normal anymore so I decided I would give it a try. I went online and started searching for ways of finding a girl online. At that time I was very interested in Ukrainian women from Kyiv and also Kharkiv. I found those girls not just attractive but also smart and family-oriented. These were the things I had been looking for in my country but hadn’t managed to find.

After some time of researching, I found the information about online dating services where the single men like me had the opportunity to date Kharkiv Ukraine women online. I also found lots of reviews on how to use dating services which were very helpful at the time I was a beginner in that area of Internet I never experienced before. But the real experience and priceless knowledge I got when I finally decided to be a part of that system. So, how did it all work for me?

First of all, I made an account which didn’t take too much time as I thought it would potentially take. After that, I quickly uploaded different information and other stuff on my new profile such as photos, videos, and personal descriptions. Then I decided to go for a quick search on and find the best ladies I wanted to have a relationship with. I used the best options of advanced search engines and managed to find the lady I had been looking for a while. When it comes to communicating with the girls I was surprised I had plenty of opportunities on the website and was also able to choose the best way of chatting with them that fits my needs the best.

So the additional services that helped me to find my love are:

• Live chat rooms. Due to the possibilities of online dating service, single people are able to choose different ways of contacting. Whilst having online romantic relationships with some ladies from Kharkiv I was a big fan of using live chat rooms. But when I was feeling like I was ready to see my potential wife I was inviting her to video chat. Even if it may require some computer equipment I was lucky to see the woman and have a proper chat with her. But for the first time, it is just enough to use regular live chats where people exchange messages online.

• Language difference is no longer a problem, even online. It is not a secret that making a successful relationship with Ukrainian woman is followed by the knowledge of the language. Unfortunately, some of the girls I communicated with weren’t good enough at it so I had to find the way to make the process of dating online easier. Due to having professional online translator I was the lucky one who could speak to the woman and make sure she not just gets my letters but also gets the proper translation of it.

• Real meeting. I changed my mind and come up with the decision that online dating is not that bad as I thought it would be. But, however, real meetings – these things are just 100% necessary. I was lucky to get the assistance of the team of the service that quickly organized the meeting with my future wife that included romantic dinner in the restaurant with the live music.

I am very happy I tried to become a member of dating service which I found absolutely trusted. However, I couldn’t say this is the easy way to find a wife because of particular reasons but at the end of everything, you will get everything you have ever dreamed about – happy life, beautiful wife, and solid family.


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